Good storytelling is at the center of effective communication. 

We’re storytellers. And we’re really good at it.  


Evolution Media is nationally known for the highest quality video production, creating messaging that moves people to act.   We work with your team, diving in to understand your audience and your goals and then crafting a unique way to reach them.

Evolution Media produces strategy-based, creative, exceptional communication tools, and we do it all… from concept to completion. Together, we can make something special to further your business or your mission.  

There’s a reason we have a national reputation for excellence, and more than 50 national awards. Let us show you what we can do together.


Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today.

– Robert McKee



Our planning is meticulous, resulting in creative and inspired content and efficient and cost-effective budgets.  

We work with a small group of experienced videographers, editors and collaborators who each bring years of passion and experience to their role on the team.

And our writing and interview techniques and skills are second to none.  


There are lots of production companies that can create pretty pictures.  But do they have years of success working with clients to help them determine their goals and strategize how to achieve them?  We do.

We deep dive into your organization or business to understand your specific needs and create videos that move people to action.  

Don’t just settle for pretty pictures.  

We achieve results.